Plank shoulder taps: A hidden powerhouse exercise

4 min readSep 23, 2023

From doing the plank to doing shoulder taps

If you are a plank aficionado like me, chances are that you will also fall in love with shoulder taps.

This is because, in order to do shoulder taps, you will first have to go into the plank pose.

And remember, you should rest on your palms instead of your elbows.

Trying to keep your body in a straight line, just like when doing the plank, is important, because, in this way, you will prevent, for example, your back from hunching, and getting injured in the long run.

Instead of using both of your hands to rest your body upon, as you would do in the plank, you alternately use each palm to support your body, touching the ground with one palm and lifting the other palm to touch the shoulder, and so on, to the point of failure, that is until you have reached your limit, and you can do no more repetitions.

Plank Pose at Live the Riverfront Moonlight Yoga 2016 was originally posted on Flickr by A Healthier Michigan and is reused here