My review of Zorin Linux OS Lite

3 min readJul 15

When I bought my inexpensive Laptop Lenovo G4030 14" (N2840/2GB/500GB/HD), I was very glad to grab a bargain.

It is a slim machine that has more than stood the test of time and proved to be an investment that paid back many times over the years.

Unfortunately, however, just like all good things in life that come to an end, the time that I feared the most arrived, and, suddenly, there was a black screen that wouldn’t turn on in front of my eyes.

Linux vs. Windows

I forgot to tell you that I had already changed the default Windows 8.1 operating system of my laptop to Linux Mint 20.2 Xfce at some point.

I did so due to the fact that the original Windows 8.1 OS was a bit heavy on the system.

For example, when I opened multiple windows while working on translation projects, the 2GB RAM seemed to struggle, making the laptop really slow.

After changing to Linux Mint 20.2 Xfce, my laptop got a new life, and seemed to work even better than when it was brand new!

So, Linux literally saved my life then.

When I found Zorin Linux OS Lite

Overall, I am very satisfied with using Linux Mint all those years.

In the end, however, I had problems applying Linux updates to the system.

I am not a programmer or developer myself by any means, and to be honest with you, I expected to run into problems with the Linux commands sooner or later.

When the screen went black and my laptop wouldn’t turn on for a second time, I was in the middle of a translation project.

I tried to use another, older laptop that I had kept for emergency cases like this one, but it wouldn’t turn on, either.

I went to my sister’s shop and asked her to use her computer to search for solutions to my problem…