My review of Wordfast Anywhere (former

3 min readJul 15

Wordfast Anywhere is a platform that offers its users the option to use different translation tools, such as translation memories (TM) and glossaries, in order to be able to start, work on, and complete their translation projects.

Wordfast Anywhere ( used to be free for many years, and it was changed to a subscription-based platform at some point.

It is one of the many platforms that are available for translators to work online, without having to download and/or install any type of software on their computer or laptop.

What are the benefits of using Wordfast Anywhere?

Although Wordfast Anywhere is no longer free for translators to use, the fact that it was offered to translation professionals without any charge for a quite long time is itself a benefit that puts the platform ahead of its competitors.

Even though it has become a subscription-based service, the fee that someone has to pay to use it is reasonable, in my opinion, especially if you are translator working on big projects containing many thousands of words.

Paying the subscription fee to use Wordfast Anywhere is a smart decision and investment that a translator can make, since it will eventually pay back multiple times, thus meaning a high ROI.

Besides, as a translator builds his or her translation memories and glossaries on Wordfast Anywhere or imports his or her own translation assets from other platforms, his or her efficiency will rise dramatically, which means that he or she will be able to earn more money per hour as a language professional, without necessarily charging clients more, because he or she will be able to work faster and more efficiently.

And, just like other translation software, using Wordfast Anywhere can help translators to consistently provide more accurate translations; in this way, they can increase customer…